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Our Yoga Teacher Training Programs are among the most thorough and reasonably priced yoga training programs in the country.


270 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, The Yoga of Mindfulness Tuition:

 Tuition does NOT include: Ashtanga Workshop, Assist Workshop, elective courses, lodging, meals, props, books, or supplies **




$2,150 if paid 3 months PRIOR to commencement of training. $2,300 if paid in full on or before first day of training. Tuition does NOT include Elective Courses REGISTER

$2,400 Payment Plan
6 Payments @ $400.00 each; Tuition does NOT include Elective Courses REGISTER FOR PAYMENT PLAN

Part-time students may"Pay as you go" per training module approximately

Part-time students may opt to "Pay as you go"
rather than prepaying in full or participating in the payment plan.
Please contact the Director of Training if you are interested in the "Pay as you go" option

**Elective courses are selected by students based on their individual preferences.


615 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, The Yoga of Compassion Tuition:

**Pricing below is based on average elective workshop pricing. Each 615 hour training student paying in full or on the payment plan is given a credit of $400 on their yoga training account to attend elective workshops. On occasion, students opt to attend a more in-depth (and more expensive) immersion. When this happens, students are responsible for paying the difference in pricing for the more in-depth workshop.**

$3,200 Early* ($200 savings!)
$3,400 Late**
*Discount Deadline 90 days prior to commencement of training
**Late Payment due on or before first day of training

Payment Plan
10 Payments of $350 ($3,500)

"Pay as you go" is not offered for this program.

In addition to tuition, students will need to purchase books, yoga props and materials to take notes in class.