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The Art of Teaching Yoga:

615 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Art of Teaching Yoga 615 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

After we have studied the "nuts & bolts" of teaching yoga in The Science of Teaching Yoga 270 Hour Yoga Teacher Training then we turn our attention to the Art of Teaching Yoga 615 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Our 615 hour Teacher Training Programs focus on bringing yoga teachers to the professional level of instructing yoga.

Training and attention is placed on ensuring that all trainees have a thorough understanding of physical anatomy and subtle anatomy (nadis, chakras, vayus, and bandhas), alignment, history, and modifications of Classical Hatha Yoga Poses and much much more. We also study, breakdown, assist, and sequence “Advanced Poses”.

We focus on presentation and workshop skills for the professional yoga teacher: voice quality, presentation style, and practice teaching workshops to the training group and to the public.

Students may begin taking courses at YogaU at anytime however, the late summer and fall are when most of the 615 hour Required Courses are scheduled.

To be eligible for the 615 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certification, trainees are required to have already obtained a Yoga Alliance approved certification at the 200-hour level (preference is given to graduates of our 270 Hour Teacher Training Programs) and to have a minimum of 6 months of yoga teaching experience.

The Art of Teaching Yoga 615 Hour Teacher Training consists 10 Modules:

10 Modules - Saturday & Sunday 12p-8p
Module 1 – TBA
Module 2 – TBA *Prerequisite - Module 1
Module 3 – TBA *Prerequisite - Module 2
Module 4 – TBA *Prerequisite - Module 3
Module 5TBA *Prerequisite - Module 4
Module 6TBA *Prerequisite - Module 5
Module 7TBA *Prerequisite - Module 6
Module 8TBA *Prerequisite - Module 7
Module 9TBA *Prerequisite - Module 8
Module 10TBA *Prerequisite - Module 9
Please note that each Module is built on the previous Module and must be completed in order.

$200 Per session

Refund Policy - one month prior to event Full refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS