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The Science of Yoga as Therapy

The Yoga of Service, Yoga University Yoga Therapists Program is a complete professional training program in Yoga therapy, certifying participants both to work with therapeutic groups and to develop a private Yoga therapy practice, offering one-on-one sessions. Through this course you will learn how to design and teach Yoga programs for groups and individuals with specific needs and specific health challenges. You will also develop an in-depth understanding of the philosophy, theory, process and application of Yoga therapy.

This in-depth understanding will allow you to work in complementary settings such as health care, yoga studios or as a private Yoga therapist.

Weekend Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Modules include:

Functional Anatomy and Therapeutic Yoga
We will explore the major muscles and how they relate to yoga practice. Through observation, hands-on exercises, and practice of specific asanas, we will learn the location and function of the key anatomical regions of the body and understand how they relate to asana, as well as how asana can in turn affect the body. By employing these techniques, we will become proficient at understanding and identifying imbalances in our students’ practice.

Common stresses and injuries for each part of the body will be addressed. We Will learn how to apply asana therapeutically for specific injuries, as well as modifications (providing appropriate hands-on support and protection) to maximize the healing and strengthening that is possible from the practice of yoga.

Musculoskeletal Assessments
We will deepen our understanding and knowledge of the function and location of the muscles and joints of the body. We will learn a functional, integrated approach to evaluation through looking at movement and asana as well as specific muscle testing techniques. We will learn techniques to help us "read" our students body through their asana practice. We will gain a more functional understanding of what is going on in the body and how certain imbalances may lead to pain and dysfunction. We will discuss the development of a personalized plan of care and personalized asana practice for our students based on this evaluation.

Psychological Health and Emotional Well-being

We will review Yogic concepts related to understanding the mind, including kosas, kleshas, samskaras, gunas. We will explore how these concepts fit into the modern psychological models of the mind and how they may be useful in understanding and treating dysfunction. We will learn Yoga Therapy methods for managing or assisting in healing psychological difficulties, including depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress responses.

Restorative Yoga
We will gain practical, hands on experience and skills to work with a wide range of populations.  We will discuss the philosophy and science behind restorative yoga, participate in restorative yoga classes and practice teach restorative yoga with partners.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2016-2017 Level 1 Yoga Therapy - see below for more details.

Science of Yoga as Therapy (5):

Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 1 Yoga and Mental Health Prerequisite: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Check Back for 2016 Dates

Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 2 "The Heart of Yoga Therapy" with MyLinda & Michelle  Check Back for 2016 Dates

Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 3 Foundation: Feet, Legs, Knees, & Thighs -  Check Back for 2016 Dates Prerequisite: Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 2

Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 4 The Pelvis - Check Back for 2016 Dates Prerequisite: Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 3

Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 5 Spine & Shoulders -  Check Back for 2016 Dates Prerequisite: Science of Yoga as Therapy Session 4