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Yo Mama’s Registered Prenatal Teacher Training

with Katie Wise ERYT, RPYT, CD & Kirsten Warner ERYT, RPYT

Part 1 Spring 2018
Part 2 Spring 2018
Postnatal/Mommy and Me Spring 2018


Yo Mama Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
with Katie Wise ERYT, RPYT, CD & Kirsten Warner ERYT, RPYT


Learn to teach Prenatal Yoga with Heart, Consciousness, and Mastery

This training is for Yoga Teachers, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Labor and Delivery Nurses, Prenatal Massage Therapists, and Pregnant women interested in deepening their practice.

We see Prenatal Teaching as a calling, and we will help you connect to the source of inspiration for you, and find your own voice. Prenatal Yoga is a balance of strength, endurance and surrender. We focus on what the pregnant woman can do, not what she can’t. We will help you teach in a way that empowers women through their journey into motherhood and builds communities that last a lifetime.

What is included:

The Calling: Why teach Prenatal Yoga? Access your strengths, unique teaching style, and voice. Resourcing your own well as a teacher.

The Curriculum: What can Yoga Offer Pregnant Women? (asana, contraindications, Pranayama, alignment, easing pregnant discomforts, teaching practice, observation and feedback.)

The Circle (students): What’s going on for them? (anatomy, physiology, psychology, the transformation into mother, supporting the journey and holding space)

The Community: Who are your allies on the path? (pregnancy practitioners, knowing when to refer, building community that will last a lifetime)

The Consciousness: What is the deeper purpose? (The baby’s experience, Conscious Birth Preparation, lifestyle choices through pregnancy, birth and motherhood)

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!!


Prenatal Teacher Training PART ONE:

Submerse yourself in this powerful practice.  Learn what you need to do to modify yoga for Pregnant women, and dive into the world of mamas and babies.  This is intended for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals who are interested in teaching yoga to Pregnant women.  

Learn the fundamentals of teaching to women in the prenatal year
Learn asana, contraindications, pranayama, alignment that are appropriate
Learn ways to ease pregnant discomforts, and keep pregnancy low risk
See what's going on for your students, and how to meet their unique needs during this time.
Sequencing and creating a great Prenatal Yoga Class
Physiology and Anatomy of Pregnancy and Birth
Strength and Endurance Exercises for empowerment
Understanding the Pregnant Year from a Holistic Perspective
It's best to have completed either a 200hour training or at least two years of steady practice before taking this training.  You can, however do this after completing this training.


Dive deeper into the world of Prenatal Yoga.  Learn more about yourself as a teacher.  This section includes a lot of practice teaching, feedback, and a much deeper understanding of all of the facets of teaching Prenatal Yoga.

Find out where you hold yourself back as a teacher and break through these habits.
Learn more about the juicy practices you can offer your students- nutrition, natural remedies, herbal support, and more.
Learn more about Yoga for Labor support
Therapeutic Yoga Practices to support Pregnancy discomforts
Birth settings and empowered birth choices- learn about the cultural shifts in birth, and the difference between risk-based care and evidence-based care
Post-partum recovery- the 'baby-moon' and diastasis recovery
After completing both parts, you will be eligible to begin the certification process towards a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) through Yoga Alliance.


Part 1 - Thursday-Sunday Spring 2018

Part 2 - Tuesday-Thursday Spring 2018
Mommy and Me/Postnatal Training Friday-Saturday Spring 2018 MORE INFORMATION

Part I or II separately - $695 Early/$795 (Save $100 if paid 3 months PRIOR to training)

Parts I and II - $1295 Early/$1495 (Save $200 if paid 3 months PRIOR to training)


Attend both Prenatal Teacher Training ($1,495) + Mommy and Me/Postnatal Training ($595) for $1600 Early/$1700 (Save $490 if paid 3 months PRIOR to training)


To register online:

Prenatal Part 1

Prenatal Part 2

Prenatal Part 1 & 2

Mommy & Me Training

Prenatal + Mommy & Me Training

If you have questions please email Katie.

Refund Policy - one month prior to event FULL refund less $150 - after 1 month prior to event NO REFUNDS

This training qualifies for Yoga University of Florida credits earned toward Altamonte Springs Yoga's Teacher Training Programs

Katie and Kirsten share a deep passion for supporting mama’s journey to and through motherhood. With a combined total of 18 years teaching Prenatal yoga, they create a masterful training.

*Level 1 and 2 together satisfy the 85 hours required to attain the designation of Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, as recently changed by Yoga Alliance.  Participants will receive a certificate upon completion both Parts of the training.

With a dynamic mentorship program for additional practicum hours to get Yoga Alliance prenatal yoga certification

(past participants in Part I can sign up for Part II only, please contact us with questions.  You can also pay for both parts now, even if you plan to do a later training for Part II.)


Katie Wise, ERYT, RPYT, CD (Certified Doula) From a young age, Katie had a passion for and trust in the experience of birth, inherited from her father who caught over 300 babies, including Katie! At thirteen, she had the honor of witnessing a natural childbirth at Boulder Community Hospital, and was in awe. Katie believes that women's bodies have the wisdom to give birth, and her purpose in supporting and educating pregnant women is to uncover and foster that instinct and faith.

Katie's experience attending births is at the heart of her work. Whether teaching yoga, or educating parents in childbirth, she draws extensively on her experiences assisting women through their pregnancy and labor. She educates couples with her innovative and effective Childbirth method, "Inspired Birth," which combines the best of Bradley, Birthing From Within, and Hypnobirthing, with humor and a deep caring for each family. She believes that birth itself is a divine teacher, showing women their strength, and the beauty of surrender. Katie has served at over 180 births, and her doula work was recently featured on NPR. She currently serves families in the Boulder area through her doula practice, The Boulder Doula Circle, and mentors and trains new doulas.

Katie founded Yo Mama Yoga and Family Center in downtown Santa Monica, in 2006. Prior to that she ran Yoga Baby in Venice, and created Pre- and Post-natal Yoga programs at five other Los Angeles studios. Katie has trained with Gurmukh, Saul David Raye, Chuck Miller, and many others, both in America and in India. Katie and her studio have been featured in Muscle and Fitness Hers, Whole Life times, Yogi Times, LA Yoga Magazine, The Santa Monica Daily Press, and the Los Angeles Daily News, and NPR.  Her writing has been published in Yogi Times, and Special Delivery.  This year, Yo Mama Boulder has been featured in the Daily Camera and Colorado Women's Magazine!  Katie also writes a blog, and has guest blogged for Mother's Advocate and Lamaze!

For more on Katie's story and thoughts on motherhood, view Katie's blog  here

Kirsten Warner E-RYT 500, RPYT

Kirsten has been a dedicated student of yoga for over twenty years and has been a certified instructor since 1998. She became passionate about prenatal yoga when she was pregnant with her first child over a decade ago. Her teaching is strongly influenced by her in depth training in Anusara yoga as well as the many years she spent studying under the guidance of Sofia Diaz. Her background includes extensive study in women’s, prenatal and postpartum yoga. She holds a degree in psychology, is the co-founder of Devi Yoga for Women.