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Yoga University of Florida's History

Our Founder, MyLinda Ann Morales Hutchings,

CYT 5100, ERYT 500, YACEP, CPYT (Pre & Postnatal), CYYT (Yin), Kest Trained Teacher

MyLinda has been leading yoga teacher trainings for over fifteen years. MyLinda first began co-teaching yoga teacher trainings with her sister, Grace Morales, at Charlotte Yoga from 2002-2010. During this time, MyLinda assisted her Iyengar teachers with their yoga teacher trainings as well.

With MyLinda's strong foundation in Alignment and Therapeutic Yoga she began weaving alignment into her Power Yoga and Hot Yoga classes. Through her training and experience, MyLinda created and developed her signature style yoga of classes, Power Alignment Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) and Hot Alignment Yoga (non-vinyasa, heated, alignment based yoga).

In 2007, MyLinda went on to create her own teacher training program, Power Alignment Yoga, which is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 500 hour level.

In 2010, MyLinda opened Altamonte Springs Yoga and began offering her 3 styles of yoga classes: Hatha Alignment Yoga, Hot Alignment Yoga and Power Alignment Yoga. Almost immediately after opening ASY, MyLinda began offering 270 hour and 615 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. MyLinda found that students were thirsty to immerse into the study and practice of yoga in her 3 styles of yoga: Hatha, Hot and Power. The only problem - there were not enough available weekends to hold 6 different trainings all at once. (Three at the 200 hour level and three 500 hour level)

Through meditation and introspection MyLinda found the answer to her problem in the Yoga University of Florida - create collaborative teacher training programs based on the university model where students have the freedom to choose their area of interest and study with instructors of their choice using individual workshops rather than the "closed" training format.

With this in mind, MyLinda collaborated, created, and developed teacher training programs with Bryan Kest, Missy White, Grace Morales, Jason Crandell, Briohny Kate Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein, Joe Barnett, and David Regelin. Through these powerful collaborations MyLinda created and developed the curriculum for the Yoga University of Florida.

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